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Welcome to our podcast series ‘Exploring Global Problems’ where our academics talk about how their ground-breaking research helps to tackle a variety of global challenges. 

Topics include health innovation, 气候变化, clean energy and human-centred digital technologies.

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Meet the host of our 'Exploring Global Problems' series,  山姆Blaxland, Post-doctoral Fellow in the History department of CQ9电子游戏官网

Sam was born and raised in Pembrokeshire and has just written a book on the history of CQ9电子游戏官网 since 1945. 除了, Sam teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate courses and regularly appears on television and radio discussing politics and current affairs.

Review For Exploring Global Problems: Diverse and insightful

Some really thought provoking topics (diverse range even across the two episodes I’ve listened to so far) from a range of speakers which is good to see, 我希望这能继续下去. Hopefully the start of a long and successful series from CQ9电子游戏官网!

Season 2 - current episodes

Season 1 - current episodes